Things To Do In Kiama

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1. Check out the Kiama Blowhole

Take your friends and family to this stunning rugged landscape to watch mother nature do her best work. 260 million years ago, ancient volcanic lava flows and vents perfectly carved the Kiama blowhole, giving you the performance it does today. Perhaps the most showy of all is the Kiama Blowhole, where the waves thrash against rocks below enter a sea-cliff cavern, periodically compressing air and spurting water 30 metres into the sky.

 Things To Do In Kiama - The Kiama Blowhole

2. Enjoy some delicious Middle Eastern flavours at Miss Arda

Right in the heart of Kiama, Miss Arda is a stunning place to visit when coming to the South Coast. Inspired by modern middle eastern flavours, the menu has been created to share with friends to ensure you have a taste of the entire menu. Miss Arda has beautifully crafted cocktails to reflect their flavours on the menu

 Things To Do In Kiama - Miss Arda

3. Explore the Kiama Coastal Walk

The Kiama Coastal Walk is a stunning walk that hugs the coast, enabling you to experience a mix of beach, grass, and sealed paths. Approximately 20 kilometres, this beautiful walk will have you feeling good, moving your body, and enjoying the sunshine. This stunning walk is split into three sections with ocean views, unspoilt beaches, and beautiful rock formations. Made up of a series of shorter and lengthier walking and cycling paths from the opening of the Minnamurra River south through Kiama to Gerringong’s local Werri Beach. The Kiama Coastal Walk is gentle enough for all fitness levels, with gentle hills and mixed terrain.

  • These are the Kiama Coast Walk’s three sections:
  • North Section — Minnamurra River to Kiama Blowhole
  • Mid Section — Kiama Blowhole to Loves Bay
  • South Section — Loves Bay to Gerringong 

 Things To Do In Kiama - Kiama Coastal Walk

4. Find some goodies at the Kiama Seaside Markets

A beautiful family friendly event in beautiful Kiama, situated right by the beach, it is the perfect location to bring kids, pets, family, and friends. A market which brings all our local artisans and food stalls together in one place.

 Things To Do In Kiama - Kiama Seaside Markets

5. Treat yourself to a delicious brekky at Penny Whistlers

Penny Whistlers is a modern cafe that incorporates relaxed seaside vibes with delicious all day dining. Visit Penny Whistlers with friends and family for a delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Open from sunrise, this cafe is perfect to grab your morning brew before a walk, or before your busy day ahead.

Penny Whistlers overlooks the stunning boat harbour, so you can have a bite to eat and soak up those sea views all day long.

 Things To Do In Kiama - Penny Whistlers

6. Soak in the seaside views at Diggies Kiama

Diggies Kiama has beautiful coast views and a sea breeze mix with delicious food and stunning cocktails. Diggies Kiama is their newest venue, also located in Wollongong and North Beach Kiosk. Immerse yourself in stunning seaside views with your all day brunch, freshly squeezed juice or morning coffee. Towards the evening you can enjoy a scoop of ice cream or a delicious cocktail from their licensed bar.

 Things To Do In Kiama - Diggies Kiama

7. Stock up on goodies at Deer Willow

In the picturesque coastal town of Kiama, Deer Willow is the perfect lifestyle store to immerse yourself in the smell of the ocean, surrounded by beautiful palm trees. Deer Willow gives a relaxed coastal living vibe, with unique pieces that can’t be found in an everyday store. Each piece will have a story to tell.

 Things To Do In Kiama - Deer Willow

8. Lap up luxury at Endota Spa Kiama

Endota day spa Kiama is the perfect place to receive a restorative escape from your busy life, and to take the time out of your day and focus more on self-care. This serene retreat is the perfect place to rejuvenate, release your everyday cares, and create a lifestyle of wellness. Endota Day Spa offers you expert therapists to look after your wellbeing and needs, whether you’re after an express massage, a nourishing facial, or an extended spa package experience. Endota day spa Kiama is conveniently located on the main street of Kiama, so it is a peaceful seaside sanctuary.

 Things To Do In Kiama - Endota Spa Kiama

9. Find anything and everything you need at the Kiama Farmers Market

The Kiama Farmers’ Market is held every Wednesday at Coronation Park, right next to the stunning Kiama Surf Beach. It runs from 3-6pm during daylight savings and 2-5pm during non-daylight savings time, you couldn’t want a more picturesque backdrop for your shopping expedition! Kiama Farmers Market cares about the protection of local growers and producers, and the origin of the food they are providing. Every week there is a beautiful selection of seasonal fresh produce being sold directly to you by the farmer or maker. Along with fruit and vegetables, you can expect to find seafood; oysters; local Wagyu beef; honey; eggs; milk straight from the dairy; gelato made from local milk; cider; wine; mushrooms; cakes and tarts; preserves; sourdough bread, street food, ready-made meals… and more!

Things To Do In Kiama - Kiama Farmers Markets

10. The Collective Beat Kiama

The Collective Beat is a mix of local artisans, designers, and entrepreneurial trendsetters who portray the laid-back artistic vibe of the South Coast. Giving love, support, and exposure to many local small businesses, The Collective Beat Kiama is the perfect place to support.

Things To Do In Kiama - The Collective Beat Kiama

11. Parfait Pâtisserie 

Parfait Patisserie has all your pastry, desserts, cakes, pies, and bread needs. Handcrafted with passion and skill, Parfait Patisserie is open 6 days a week from 6.30am.

Things To Do In Kiama - Parfait Pattisserie


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