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As an introduction to our blog section, we want to share a little magic with you.

Your life path number in numerology tells you all about your personality, indicates your purpose and also shows obstacles and tendencies in your life

How to calculate it:

Add your month, day and year of birth. Then reduce this 4 digit number to just a single digit.

Ex: June 7th 1998: 6+7+1998 = 2011 -> 2+1+1=4

If you get 10,14.. you have to reduce it to single digit so 1+0=1, 1+4=5 etc.


Life Path 1: You are very energetic and passionate, but can become selfish and prideful. Natural born leaders. You are adventurous, courageous and super individualistic. Your creative mind and determination can bring you great things. Obstacles and challenges are easily overcome with your strength and drive. You take charge often and independence is very important to you. Avoid being bossy. Focus on developing your leadership skills as they will bring you success.


Life Path 2: You are a peacemaker and a visionary. You are very diplomatic and have your way with words. There is a high spiritual potential, you often focus on your intuition and understanding the deeper things in life. You are a caring and honest person, the harmony in society and environment is important to you. With this life path, you could also become oversensitive, pessimistic and indecisive if focused on the negative.


Life Path 3: You are blessed with creativity and communication skills. People with this life path are the writes, entertainers, actors and speakers of this world. You are a very positive person who isn’t stressed about the future. You live your life to the fullest. Handling money is usually not your strong suit. People around you always feel how friendly, open and welcoming you are and love your ability to listen. Routine isn’t for you. Stay focused on your talents and creativity.


Life Path 4: You are a naturally good at planning, building and making things work. Life path 4s are the builders of our society. You are trustworthy, practical and down-to-earth. Your idealistic nature grounded in practical is allowing you to achieve anything you desire, if you are willing to work for it. These people are often entrepreneurs and managers. You get the job done with the help of your amazing planning and organising skills. The negatives can be, that you can get stuck in the routine and not see the big picture.


Life Path 5: You are all about freedom. Your mission is to make this world a better place by using your amazing communicative skills, compassion and ability to motivate people. Everyday tasks and routine isn’t for you. You love adventure and living for the moment. Because of that, you also move to different things very quickly and you hate to be tied down. These people make great politicians because they are so freedom-loving, persuasive and progressive thinkers.


Life Path 6: You are the nurturer. Home and family is the most important thing in your life. You love to take care of others and usually take on big responsibilities in your home and community. The need to feel useful is very strong. You are the one your friends can always rely on, you are always there when someone needs help. Wisdom, generosity, balance and understanding others are your best strengths. These people have tendencies to be too harsh on themselves and it’s also easy for them to become very critical of others.


Life Path 7: You are such an observant and peaceful person. You can very easily detect deception and you are very careful with who you trust. When you make a true friend, it is for life. Not everyone gets to see behind those walls you put up. These people are also incredibly spiritual and rely on their intuition a lot. They enjoy spending time alone gathering all sorts of knowledge and information. Very intellectual and deep thinkers. You hate change and you can also become easily too pessimistic.


Life Path 8: You are so strong and ambitious! You are here to lead, organize and direct. Success comes from your determination, hard work and ability to manage yourself and the environment. Many of these people are very powerful, wealthy and successful. You are focused on the material world and your status. Being recognised for your achievements and hard work is extremely important to you. Be careful not to become too dictatorial and materialistic, which could go to extremes like neglecting your friends and family.


Life Path 9: You feel so much compassion towards everything. You are so generous, trustworthy and responsible! These people are the humanitarians of the world. You aren’t materialistic and getting rich is not your priority. Life path 9s make great actors and artists, but also judges, healers and spiritual teachers. They feel so deeply and tend to be very selfless. Many of these people, when undeveloped, have problems believing that giving can be satisfying. They need to grow into their role and purpose to be truly happy.


Life Path 11: You are the most intuitive out of all life paths. Master number 11 shares qualities with life path 2, just more amplified, so check life path 2! You are likely to live a life of extremes because you have a lot of energy to spare! 11s have more potential than they realise and can easily become anxious and oversensitive. You need to find balance between all the extremes in this world, to find your peace.


Life Path 22: You are the master builder. You have extreme potential to become successful and powerful. Check life path 4 because you share the same qualities, yours are just more amplified. These people are aware of their potential but are also very harsh on themselves and easily feel unfulfilled in life because they set unrealistic standards for themselves. You must have faith in other people and accept that change isn’t always a bad thing.


May you always have sunshine in your heart..

Love Kalm XX


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